Tuesday, October 18, 2005

We've Moved

Short Version: Click here to continue. Update links.

Long Version:

Well, the time has come. David Blunkett, extraordinary man of the media that he is, no longer faces the wrath of our URL - I'm sure all those sleepless nights we were causing him will be indelibly burned into his consciousness for years to come.

But progress is a fickle lover, and the authors of this blog realise that David is just a scapegoat, a face against which the machinations of the political engine merely plot demise and downfall. To focus on solely his fizzog would be to scrape away at the ants while the lion chewed your leg off. Instead, we recognise that the world becomes a strange and terrible place, and should be explored in all its grandeur.

And so we leave behind our Google ranking to migrate to domain-name anew. Please redirect all your links towards Into The Machine. Thanks.